Onsite Resources Augmentations

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Skilled Resources for on-site projects

Our Hiring Process

Fresher’s are sourced directly through campus interviews from reputed engineering colleges and we provide on the job training before allocating them to live projects. Incase of experienced professionals, applications are invited through job portals. The selection procedure involves aptitude and technical tests followed by a personal interview.

Preparing the Resources

BusinessLike Global Software Solutions strive to bring up the technical level of the selected candidates by enhancing their technical knowledge in par with the latest demands of the contemporary IT market.Candidates who is proficient in technical skillsets deputed to on-site projects with our associated companies.

As an organization, we are committed to bringing changes in the work environment in India, by giving our recruits an opportunity to work in a global environment. We are very hopeful that each person will be able to bring a change in the work style, methods and environment in Indian offices too.